Cake Decorating Classes

Give a man a cake; feed him for a day.  Teach a man to make a cake that looks like his pet chihuahua; all his friends will be quite impressed!

No matter your background or cake decorating skill level, we have a class that will get you in the kitchen baking (or decorating) your heart out!  -And these aren’t your Granny’s cheesy, over-puffed cake classes! Taught by our team of crazy talented cake bakers and decorators, classes are broken down by topic and skill level so you can pick and choose a class or set of classes that’s relevant to whatever your goals may be!

Sweet, right?

Gift Certificates are also available!

CLICK HERE to see our full schedule of upcoming classes!

Cake Videos!

Subscribe to our youtube channel to follow our wacky cake-decorating escapades!  New videos posted every week!

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